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Wireless Products

Murata Wireless Connectivity Products and Platforms Include:
  • RF Modules
  • Wireless Connectivity Platforms
  • Ultra Low Power Short-Range RF ICs
  • SAW-Based Components

RF Modules

Bluetooth® and BluetoothSmart® Available in a variety of small form factors; FCC / IC certified modules available. Wi-Fi™ 802.11b/g/n network controllers and modules in a variety of form factors for both MCU or MPU applications; FCC / IC certified available. Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth® Combination modules; 802.11b/g/n (and ac) with Bluetooth V4.0 (BLE + EDR); FCC / IC certified modules available. HyperMesh / FHSS Proven, proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum FCC / IC / ETSI certified modules; 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.
802.15.4 IEEE 802.15.4 compliant, FCC / IC / ETSI certified modules; low-power 1mW RF power and extended range 100mW RF power.      

Wireless Connectivity Platforms

Cloud Connectivity Platforms Murata cloud-enabled RF modules combined with cloud connectivity tools and Platform-as-a-Service solutions. M2M and Wireless Sensor Networking Wireless data acquisition platforms including sensor modems, and serial, Ethernet, and cellular gateways; FCC / IC / ETSI certified. Wireless Telemetry Complete, reliable, long-range wireless Access Points, Ethernet Bridges, and Serial Modems based on Murata FHSS technology; FCC / IC / ETSI certified.  

Ultra Low-Power Short-Range RF ICs

Optimized for RF performance and featuring a high-level of integration all in a small form factor.
SAW-Based Sub-GHz ICs Integrated RF ICs with quartz SAW filtering and frequency control components built into a single hybrid; 300 MHz - 1 GHz; OOK / ASK; 1 kb/s - 1 Mb/s data rates. Low-Power RF ICs Integrated PLL, IF, Baseband Circuitry; 300 MHz-510 MHz, 863 MHz -960 MHz, and 2.4 GHz; FSK / OOK, GFSK; 1 kb/s - 1 Mb/s data rates.    

SAW-Based Components

Used to improve frequency sensitivity and immunity in a broad range of wireless applications.
RF & IF filters and diplexers for non-mobile phone applications: automotive, industrial, energy, medical & telecom and available in a wide range of frequencies (40MHz to 2.7GHz) Filters are used in mobile phone to reject out-of-band signals. Small size and available in a wide range of frequencies(700MHz to 2.5GHz) Duplexer are used in mobile phone to get good performance of TX-RX isolation. Small size and available in a wide range of frequencies(700MHz to 2.5GHz) Resonators Single-port and Dual-port type resonators designed to be implemented as the frequency control elements in transmitters while ensuring frequency stability in a variety of applications.
Frequency Control SAW stabilized Optical Timing Clocks, Diff-Sine Wave Clocks and Oscillators used in applications where timing integrity and elimination of system noise are crucial.