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Order Number 88-00153-00

Flexible Certified 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Module

  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Module
  • Network Topology: AP and STA dual mode
  • Chipset: Cypress (CYW43362)
  • Processor: No

Highly integrate design simplifies the integration

  • for indoor and outdoor sensor and control applications
  • Wi-Fi AP/STA dual mode
  • Supporting Cypress WICED SDK
  • Supporting STM32F2/F4, NXP K60, i.MX6, Atmel SAM4 and NXP LPC17xx, LPC43xx and ZentriOS SDK
  • To Be Discontinued  

    Explanation of Product Status

    Under Development Products under development
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    In Production Product is in mass production.
    to be discontinued Not recommended for new designs. We are evaluating the schedule for the discontinuing of production of this item. Contact Murata or refer to the website for details of product supply and possible alternative product information.
    Discontinued product Production of this product has stopped. Contact Murata for inventory availability and possible alternative products.
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SN8000 is a certified 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module based on the Cypress CYW43362 chipset. SN8000 is designed to fit indoor and outdoor sensor and control applications. It integrates Wi-Fi IC, RF front end, temperature compensated crystal (TCXO) and an on-board antenna. The module dimensions are 24 x 11.4 x 2.0 mm. SN8000 is enabled with Cypress WICEDâ„¢ SDK software to support low power, low cost microcontroller platforms from STM32F2/F4, Freescale K60, i.MX6, Atmel SAM4, NXP LPC17xx, NXP LPC43xx, and ZentriOS SDK. The SN8000 module is an ideal solution for home automation, industrial control, Smart Energy, medical and healthcare applications with or without cloud services. The module and evaluation kit are available from Murata distribution partners. A footprint compatible version with U.FL connector, SN8000UFL, is also available to connect to an external antenna.
Product Type Wi-Fi Module
Grade Industrial
Frequency 2.4GHz
Chipset Cypress (CYW43362)
Processor No
Modulation No
Antenna On-board or U.FL Connector
RF Conn/ Antenna Not Included
System Clock Internal X'tal
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85
Operating Temperature °C (min) -40
Operating Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type SMT
Package LGA
Dimension 24.0 x 11.4 x 2.0 mm
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 3.3
Transmit Power +18.5dBm @ 11Mbps in (b) mode
Receiver Sensitivity -96dBm @ 11Mbps
Transmit Mode Current 315mA @ +18.5dBm (11Mbps)
Receive Mode Current 70mA
Data Rate WLAN 11, 54, 64 Mbps
Bluetooth No
WLAN 802.11b/g/n
Technology Wi-Fi
Network AP and STA dual mode
Host Interface SDIO
Host Interface Other No
Interface Voltage (Vdc for VIO) 2.4 to 3.6
FCC/IC Certified FCC/IC Certified
ETSI Certified Yes
ISO9001 Yes
TS16969 No
Platform Linux, WICED
Document Statement If you use NXP i.MX6 platforms that is described in this landing page (, please read "Quick Start Guide (Linux)" and "Quick Start Guide (Adnroid)". For further development on i.MX6, we have additional documents in our support site (myMurata). Please refer to "Support Site Access Guide" under software tab to learn how to access to myMurata".
Data Sheet Download PDF
Data Sheet Date May 26, 2017
Manual Download PDF
Product Brief Download PDF
Schematic Download PDF
Quick Start Guide (Linux) Download PDF
Quick Start Guide (Android) Download PDF
EVK User Guide Download PDF
SDIO Adapter (file 1) Download
SDIO Adapter (file 2) Download
CMK User Guide Download PDF
CMK Product Brief Download PDF
CMK Schematics Download PDF
Software You can download additional software and documents from myMurata.
Please purchase Development Kit to gain access to myMurata.

SN8000 module is intended to use the Cypress WICED(TM) SDK as its primary software. For details of Cypress WICED(TM) SDK software, please check here ( A patch file is needed for WICED SDK to work on SN8000.

WICED SDK platform patch file download:
WICED SDK version 2.4.1
WICED SDK version 3.0.1
WICED SDK version 3.1.0
WICED SDK version 3.1.2
WICED SDK version 3.5.2
WICED SDK version 3.7.0

NVRAM file Download
Support Site Access Guide Download
Block Diagram
Evaluation Tool SN8000 EVK 88-00153-85
2.4GHz Wi-Fi® 802.11b/g/n Development Kit
•SN8000 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module
•STM32F205RG ARM Cortex-M3 processor with integrated memory
•Mini-USB connector supporting USB-JTAG and USBserial interfaces to STM32F205RF
•Serial fl ash (8M bits) and interface connectors
•Pads for header to access the I/O pins of the SN8000 module
•Pads for header to access select I/O pins of the STM32F205RG
•Pads for header to access SDIO interface between SN8000 and STM32F205RG
Murata Number 88-00153-85

•SN8000 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module
•STM32F205RG ARM Cortex-M3 processor with integrated memory
•Mini-USB connector supporting USB-JTAG and USBserial interfaces to STM32F205RF
•Serial fl ash (8M bits) and interface connectors
•Pads for header to access the I/O pins of the SN8000 module
•Pads for header to access select I/O pins of the STM32F205RG
•Pads for header to access SDIO interface between SN8000 and STM32F205RG download EVK User Guide
SN8000 Eval Board

SN8000 CMK 88-00153-90

•FCC/IC/ETSI certified IEEE802.11b/g/n module
•Supports standard SDIO card interface
•Supports QSH-030-01-LDA 60-pin connector
•Includes both SN8000 and SN8000UFL modules
•Well verified driver software for i.MX6 platform
Murata Number 88-00153-90
download SN8000CMK User Guide
SN8000 CMK

LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit

A collaboration between NXP and ecosystem partner, Zentri, the NXP LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit gives developers everything they need to easily create, deploy and manage connected products utilizing Wi-Fi and cloud services, without the need for deep expertise in security, Wi-Fi stacks, device commissioning, and cloud service APIs.
This complete Kit enables product companies to realize new, recurring business models with premium product features and services and makes it easy for developers to deliver a best-in-class connected experience to all users. It combines reference hardware from NXP and Murata with the Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform to support all three key aspects of developing an IoT product: security and connectivity of the physical device, including cloud-based device management for provisioning and remote management developing user applications (both the product's end user and other connected users) handling protocol-agnostic cloud connectivity to support connected functionality and services.

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SN8000 NXP Kit
Order Number 88-00153-00
Purchase These modules are manufactured for high-volume applications. Furthermore, they are made available to device manufacturers offering products that meet Murata requirements. Murata reserves the right to support or to not support requests based on corporate policy that includes export control and application restrictions or other requirements. | To expedite the qualification of your application for these modules, please complete and submit the information through the Contact Us button on the top. A Murata Connectivity Expert will provide feedback to you as quickly as possible. | Please be advised that obtaining access to product documentation for these modules may require the execution of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Murata. | Alternatively, if you are located in the Americas, click this link to locate and contact a Murata Sales Representative near you to receive answers to general questions.
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