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Order Number 88-00158-00

  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Module
  • Chipset: Cypress (CYW43362) & STM32 (ARM Cortex-M3)
  • Processor: STM32 ARM Cortex-M3

Feature rich software simplifies the OEM development

  • Simultaneous Wi-Fi AP/STA dual mode
  • Web based I/O control
  • Supporting Cypress WICED SDK
  • In Production  

    Explanation of Product Status

    Under Development Products under development
    Please contact us for product availability and sample lead-time.
    In Production Product is in mass production.
    to be discontinued Not recommended for new designs. We are evaluating the schedule for the discontinuing of production of this item. Contact Murata or refer to the website for details of product supply and possible alternative product information.
    Discontinued product Production of this product has stopped. Contact Murata for inventory availability and possible alternative products.
    Recommended product This product is particularly recommended among our products currently in production.
    New product It's new item.


The SN820X is a family of small, low power, self-contained, certified Wi-Fi network controller modules that provide simple serial-to-Wi-Fi connectivity to the internet.

The SN820X modules are enabled with Cypress Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) architecture. They host the Wi-Fi, TCP/IP network stack, security supplicant, and other network application features.

The modules are also provided with Murata Simple Network Interface Connection (SNIC) software and EZ Web Wizard software.

Table 1.1: SN820X Wi-Fi Network Controller Module Family

Model # P/N Built-in STM RAM Size Flash Size Status
SN8205 88-00158-00 ARM Cortex M3 128KB 1024KB Not Available for New Designs
SN8205UFL 88-00158-02 ARM Cortex M3 128KB 1024KB Not Available for New Designs
SN8200 88-00151-00 ARM Cortex M3 96KB 768KB Discontinued
SN8200UFL 88-00151-02 ARM Cortex M3 96KB 768KB Discontinued
Product Type Module
Grade Industrial
Frequency 2.4GHz
Chipset Cypress (CYW43362) & STM32 (ARM Cortex-M3)
Processor STM32 ARM Cortex-M3
Modulation No
Antenna On-board
System Clock Internal X'tal
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85
Operating Temperature °C (min) -40
Operating Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type SMT
Package LGA
Dimension 30.5 x 19.4 x 2.8 mm
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 3.3
Transmit Power +18dBm @ 11Mbps in (b) mode
Receiver Sensitivity -96dBm @ 11Mbps
Transmit Mode Current 370mA @ +18dBm (11 Mbps)
Receive Mode Current 110mA
Bluetooth No
WLAN 802.11b/g/n
Technology Wi-Fi
Network No
Host Interface UART / SPI
I/O Interface GPIO / I2C / UART
Host Interface Other No
Interface Voltage (Vdc for VIO) 3.6
FCC/IC Certified FCC/IC Certified
ETSI Certified Yes
ISO9001 Yes
TS16969 No
Data Sheet Download PDF
Data Sheet Date Jan 31, 2018
Manual Download PDF
Product Brief Download PDF
Schematic Download PDF
Dev Kit Data Sheet Download PDF
EVK User Guide Download PDF
Additional Docs SN8200 to SN8205 Migration Guideline Application Note

WICED Application Development with SN82xx EVK

SNIC EZ Web Wizzard Development Platform User Manual

Software You can download additional software and documents from myMurata.
Please purchase Development Kit to gain access to myMurata.

WICED™ SDK support

WICED™ is a Cypress development system that vastly reduces the effort required to add wireless connectivity to embedded devices. The SDK enables developers to quickly create network connected applications targeted for low-resource microcontrollers.

The WICED™ SDK includes:

  • - An open source build system and toolchain based on GNU make.
  • - A GUI IDE based on Eclipse CDT that seamlessly integrates with a programmer and single-step, thread-aware, debugger based on OpenOCD and gdb.
  • - A complete software stack that includes advanced security and networking features such as SSL/TLS, IPv4/IPv6 networking, and mDNS/Bonjour.
  • - Production ready example applications.

SN820X supports WICED™ SDK
WICED SDK platform patch file download:
WICED SDK version 2.4.1 For all the SN820X Modules.
WICED SDK version 3.0.1 For SN8205, SN8205UFL only.
WICED SDK version 3.1.0 For SN8205, SN8205UFL only.
WICED SDK version 3.1.2 For SN8205, SN8205UFL only.
WICED SDK version 3.5.2 For SN8205, SN8205UFL only.
WICED SDK version 3.7.0 For SN8205, SN8205UFL only.

Murata Simple Network Interface Controller (SNIC) and EZ Web Wizard™ Software

Based on Cypress WICED™ solution, Murata offers pre-built firmware/software package that makes the host integration, wireless and peripheral control more easier and reliefs the burden of firmware programming

Murata Simple Network Interface Controller (SNIC) protocol supports socket interface on both UART and SPI to host

Example for TCP data communication:

    - WiFi on request
    - WiFi join request
    - SNIC Init request
    - SNIC IP config request
    - TCP create socket request
    - TCP create connection request
    - Send from socket request
    - Close socket request
    - SNIC cleanup request
    - WiFi disconnect request
    - WiFi off request

Murata EZ Web Wizard™ (EWW) software supports easy custom web-based control to save the cost on additional host microcontroller

  • - Control I/O interfaces through HTML, JavaScript and JSON
  • - Support UART, I2C and GPIOs
  • - Support wireless network configuration, JSON parser, HTTP server, TCP/IP network stack, and WiFi driver
  • - Enabling the creation of wireless IP-capable nodes
Support Site Access Guide Download
Software Guide Download
Block Diagram
Dev Kit Features The Murata SN820X EVK+ kits provide all of the hardware, software, and documentation to enable design engineers to begin prototyping a Wi-Fi application on the same day they receive their kit.

  • - Serves as both an evaluation and development tool kit
  • - User-friendly development platform
  • - No expertise needed for Wi-Fi protocol and / or network protocol


  • - SN820X Wi-Fi Network Controller
  • - Mini USB connector supporting USB JTAG and USB-serial interfaces
  • - Pads for headers to access the I/O pins of the SN820X module
  • - Serial flash (8M bits) and interface header
  • - SHT21 temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • - UART interface header

What's Included

  • - 1 Evaluation / Development Board
  • - 1 USB cable
  • - CD with software and manual

Murata Number

SN8200 EVK+: 88-00151-95
SN8200UFL EVK+: 88-00151-97
SN8205 EVK+: 88-00158-95
SN8205UFL EVK+: 88-00158-97


The Discover Wi-Fi (STM32F4DIS-WIFI) features the SN8200 Wi-Fi module from Murata and enables Wi-Fi for your STM32F4DISCOVERY board. Easy entry with built-in TCP/IP stack to quickly connect to your STM32F4DISCOVERY Kit.


  • - SN8200 Wi-Fi Network Controller
  • - UART and SPI interface header
  • - JTAG interface header
  • - Direct connection to STM32F4 Discovery Board
  • - Host software for STM32F4

Part Number STM32F4DIS-WIFI

Dev Kit Specs SN820X EVK+ Kits
FAQ Download PDF
Order Number 88-00158-00
Order Increment 400
Packaging Tape and Reel