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The LG24E is the RFM2M family's wireless Ethernet gateway for DNT24 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) based products, including the SN24xx series sensor modems and the ZN-24M RS-485 serial modems. On the wireless side, the LG24E's DNT24 radio provides robust wireless communications. On the wired side, the LG24E provides a 10/100Base-T interface to connect to virtually any Ethernet network. In between is the intelligence to allow seamless integration of 2.4 GHz DNT24 based devices into network or Internet cloud based applications. The wide array of Ethernet and Internet protocols supported reduce the effort to tie LG24E networks into existing sensing and monitoring applications. The LG24E gateway shares the same API as the other RFM2M gateway products letting you pick the wireless technology that best suits your application with only a minimum of changes to your application.
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Product Type Gateway
Product Status recommended in production
Frequency 2.4GHz
Modulation No
Antenna Reverse SMA
RF Conn/ Antenna Reverse SMA
Sleep Clock No
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85
Operating Temperature °C (min) -40
Operating Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type Flange
Dimension 117.48 x 204.79 x 38.10 mm
Supply Voltage min 9.0
Supply Voltage max 30.0
Transmit Power Configurable Yes
Transmit Power 1mW, 10mW, 100mW
Receiver Sensitivity -100 dBm
Data Rate 250.0000
Data Rate Configurable No
Range Indoor 100m, Outdoor 10,000m
Technology Proprietary FHSS
Security AES-128 Encryption
Network Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Mesh
Host Interface Ethernet
Host Interface Other USB
FCC/IC Certified FCC/IC Certified
ETSI Certified ETSI Certified
RoHs Compliant Yes
CE Compliant CE Compliant
ISO9001 No
TS16969 No
Document Statement Visit the Support section for Application Notes, Reference Designs, White Papers, and more designing applications and systems using Murata proprietary FHSS sensor networking technologies.
Data Sheet Download PDF
Key Markets Industrial Automation | Building Automation | Manufacturing Industries | Healthcare | Utilities ( Power, Gas, Water) | Agricultural and Commercial Ventures | AMR & Smart Grid
Key Applications AMR and Smart Grid | Smart Energy Management and Control | Automatic Lighting and Temperature Control | Electronic Signs and Remote Control | Industrial Remote Control
Applications Characteristics M2M, WSN and Internet of Things Applications Requiring: | - Long-range data throughput even in the presence of electrical noise and multi-path fading | - Direction Connections and Reporting of Sensor Data | - High level of flexibility
Order Number LG24E
Shipping Size 1 Unit / Box