Wireless Connectivity Platforms

Through our Wireless Connectivity Platforms, Murata is continuously innovating the how to connect and network devices, equipment, and processes.

The Murata Wireless Connectivity Platforms uniquely assist OEM design engineer, applications developer, and/or systems integrators in accelerating development and delivery of public- or private cloud networking solutions to consumer, commercial and industrial customers.

M2M and WSN Wireless data acquisition platforms featuring sensor modems, and serial, Ethernet, and cellular gateways.
Wireless Networking / Telemetry Complete, reliable, long-range wireless Access Points, Ethernet Bridges, and Serial Modems.
Wireless Services No matter how large or small the scope may be for an IoT application, Murata can step in and fill the gaps.
Wireless Lighting Control Bluetooth mesh-based robust, decentralized and scalable wireless lighting control system.