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The RF1419D is a surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filter designed to provide front-end selectivity in the 402-405 MHz band. This filter is ideal for short range wireless medical data applications where small size and low power consumption are required features. Receiver designs using this filter include superhet, direct conversion or superregen. Murata's advanced SAW design and fabrication technology is utilized to achieve high performance and optimum loss with simple external impedance matching.
Product Type Filter
Product Status recommended in production
Frequency 403.5MHz
Bandwidth Measured MHz
Bandwidth MHz (typical) 7.500
Passband Measured dB
Insertion Loss (typ) 1.6000
Insertion Loss (max) 2.5000
Specification Temperature Range -40 to +85
Specification Temperature °C (min) -40
Specification Temperature °C (max) 85
Mounting Type 8-Terminal Ceramic Surface Mount Package (SMP)
Package SM3838-8
Lid Symbol 560
Dimension 3.8 x 3.8 mm
Power Class No
Technology SAW
RoHs Compliant Yes
ISO9001 Yes
TS16969 Yes
Document Statement Visit the Support section for Application Notes, Reference Designs, White Papers, and more information about designing products using Murata SAW filters.
Data Sheet Download PDF
Data Sheet Date Mar 21, 2008
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Key Markets Healthcare | Medical
Key Applications Cardiac Pacemakers | Cardiac Defibrillators | Neuromuscular Stimulators
Applications Characteristics For medical implant devices with receivers that require rejection of strong out-of-band signals: | - That are non-life sustaining operational elements | - Operating under FCC Part 95 | - That require rejection of strong out-of-band signals (needing, for example, typical out-of-band rejection of 50 dB); | - That may require special rejection at -10.7MHz for local oscillator rejection and special rejection at -21.4MHz for image spurious response for typical superhet receivers.
Order Number RF1419D
Shipping Size 7" @ 500 Units / Reel; 13" @ 3000 Units / Reel